666 Coins

666 Coins

Horror stealth game

• for COOLFRIENDS for the 7dfps 2021

• made in November 2022 and beyond

• C#/Unity, Blender, bloed

Additional credit

Tom 'voxel' Purnell (Level design, textures, additional programming, additional game design)



Blog post

Entry page (Tournament)

You are a thief. Satan Himself appeared before you and gave you the most dangerous job: Walk The Nether, steal 666 coins and the Unholy Crown. Use your wits to gain the loot and get back to the entrance - or your soul will be lost forever!

I was responsible for the game logic and the monster design and modelling. After COOLFRIENDS created the game for the 7dfps, we also made a tournament version for the 7th Alakajam Tournament.

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